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Thrive! System® (TS)

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How Thrive! Systems help builds, achieves and sustains a thriving future for people and communities.    


More in People's Guide, Chapter 8, Full People’s Guide

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In previous chapters, vision and strategy for achieving thriving people and communities has been laid out. Also laid out has been the rationale for Thrive! Systems (TS), ideal systems that can help achieve that vision.
In our lives, if we survive birth, only two things are sure about our lives. We are born. We die. Everything else varies from person to person and over a person’s lifetime.

Better than our current incomplete and inadequate personal support, a Thrive! System (TS) gives us our best chance to survive and thrive throughout our lifetime. Our having a TS for our community ensures we are more thriving people in a more thriving community.
Thrive! Systems (TS) are comprehensive systems that can be of almost any size and for any type of community. Community includes legal communities (e.g., village, town, city, county, State, nation), geographic areas (e.g., regions), groups (e.g. families, ethnic groups, affinity groups), and worlds

 A TS has persons and their communities at the center-. At the center with persons are their Primary Personal Support (PPS) surrounded by all needed and wanted Personal Support (PS). A TS adjusts when locations, time, person, and community change. It takes into account all of personal and community characteristics and all of health and well-being. It understands personal and community environment and its impact on thriving. It understands and uses the full range of thriving support to improve and sustain thriving. It connects all of these, with information and other support, into a fully integrated and supportive system for persons and their communities.

A TS is fully coordinated, is fully connected and communicates well among persons, their Primary Personal Support (PPS), and their total Personal Support (PS). A TS addresses all the factors in a person’s life that reduce vulnerability and increase thriving. A TS addresses all the factors in a community that reduce vulnerability and increase thriving.

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